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One Minute for January 2021

Behind the Collar: A Pastor’s Wife’s Journey From Illusion to Reality authored by Sheila Dasch, an LCMS pastor’s wife

Sheila Dasch is married to Bill Dasch, a pastor in Mansfield, Texas. In this easy to read journey of her road from illusion to reality she tells us how she met her husband, about getting married, becoming a pastor’s wife, her first years in a congregation, what she did not anticipate, about disillusionment, loneliness, and criticism, and what she learned about herself.

This is a beautifully written book. Many pastors’ wives will nod their heads as they identify with her experiences in the parish. She writes honestly about the ups and down in her life. She talks about friends who got her through tough spots. She writes about her marriage and how ministry impacted their life together. She talks about her family…about Taylor and Tristen, her two sons and being PK’s (Pastors Kids). She talks about how in time the congregation become her family.

But this book does not gloss over real challenges to her family as she considers whether she should stay or go or leave Bill. She tells why clergy marriages are at risk. She tells what leads to their taking a new call and how it was so hard for her to leave her family and friends behind. She writes about her loss of faith when one of her son’s faces death because of cancer. She asks God why? She reaches out for help to find answers.

This is a real woman of faith, honesty, and hope. She places all of her struggles in the context of Scripture. There are many passages of the Word of God that Sheila goes to as she relies on the Spirit of God to lead her forward. There are places where the reader may laugh as she describes something funny, but the reader may also shed tears as she pours out her soul.

This book is inspirational and is it a great gift to give. Perhaps you know a wife of a pastor who might find it helpful. (It’s available on Amazon books)


One Minute is written by Pastor Ron Rehrer, Counselor for Church Workers. You can reach him via e-mail at or by phone at 949.433.5182.


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