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One Minute for February 2020 “Corona Virus Scare”

My parents met at March Airforce Base in Riverside County at a dance in 1946. My father had flown B-17 bombers during WWII and was stationed after the war at the March airbase. Later, March became a Strategic Air Command base with nuclear weapons. Now March A.B. is a Reserve base and its where the first U.S. citizens were flown from China into the the midst of the Coronavirus scare.

As of today (2/2/20) the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has announced that there are 8 patients in the USA who have contracted the Coronavirus. They are quarantined and under surveillance. Sixteen countries are on the CDC list of countries being monitored for the virus. The WHO (World Health Organization) has called the virus outbreak a global emergency. Several airlines have suspended service into China and some countries have issued travel bans to prevent the spread of the virus. The U.S. citizens at March A,B, are being quarantined for 14 days.

U.S. authorities have reassured us that they are working on a vaccine to combat the virus, but it may still be a year from now until it will be ready for the public.

You may be feeling very scared about this virus. However, medical authorities are urging everyone to practice good basic hygiene (washing hands, cleansing surfaces, covering your mouth when coughing or sneezing). Each year 20 million people come down with respiratory illnesses in the U.S. and the best prevention is good hygiene.

Meanwhile, the CDC will continue to inform us of new developments.

Feeling anxious or afraid is a normal reaction to scary situations. God has built into us the “flight-fight” automatic response to the unexpected. But when we calm down it is easier for us to access new information upon which to act.

The Scriptures speak of trials and tribulation that mankind will encounter. In our own lives we sometimes get bad news: a medical diagnosis that frightens us, an unexpected set back in some corner of our lives, a sudden loss or death of a loved one, some terrible news that takes away our breath or knocks us to our knees. Earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, famines, contaminated water. oil spills, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like threaten our foundations and make us afraid. So do viruses and plagues.

While there are reasons for being scared, we need to remember that we need to keep our anxieties “in check.” We need to remain calm and resolute in our response to disasters and global threats to our existence.

If you are afraid, tell someone. Talk with a good friend or family member about your concerns. Putting our fears before others drains the power of the fear that threatens to overpower us. Consider speaking with your pastor or a doctor or counselor to put your fears into perspective. Sharing with another trusted friend can calm you down and make it easier to cope with your reason for your anxiety. Your friend is given the chance to talk with you and may bring another perspective that helps you.

Remember that you are in God’s hands. You can be assured that Christ is with us at all times. Christ is our Protector and Healer. We can call upon Him in times of trouble or uncertainty. He will never forsake us or abandon us.

There may be future hurdles in the next few weeks or months. There is still much that is not known but there are similarities to other viruses. Over time these viruses have been curtailed and arrested (for example, the SARS virus from 2003). There are currently enormous resources being put into place for understanding this virus and how to treat it.

The medical community in the U.S. is looking out for our well-being. Practice good hygiene. Remember your Scriptures. Remain calm. Trust in the Lord. Nothing can separate us from the Love of God.


One Minutes is written by Pastor Ron Rehrer, Counselor for Church Workers of the PSD. phone 949.433.5182

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