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"Even Superheroes Need Counseling"

Do you love comic books? Did you read them as a kid? The current box office blockbuster (Avengers: Infinity War) brings together dozens of comic book superheroes in an epic battle for the fate of the universe.

Comic book characters reveal much about ourselves. In an interesting book entitled “Even Superheroes Need Counseling”, author and marriage/family therapist, Daniel Bates, delves into the core of Batman, Superman, Thor, Captain America and many others. He unmasks these superhero’s strengths and weaknesses and shows us our own vulnerabilities foibles and dark side.

Comic book superheroes wrestle good against evil but succumb to all-too-human feet of clay. Spider Man becomes enamored with himself. Thanos is arrogant and narcissistic. Thor struggles to find his own identity. The Punisher is fixated on exacting revenge. Batman, Superman and many others appear in the pages of this book; all revealing more about ourselves than we ever knew.

The author describes how he would counsel each superhero if he was in his office. You, the reader, see yourself through the eyes of the superhero. Their conditions and traits show us our own.

Biblical writers do a similar thing. They show us our heroes in heroic ways but also show us their failures in character and sinful behavior (i.e. Abraham, David, Samson, Peter, the Disciples, etc.). We see ourselves through their eyes (anger, betrayal, revenge, anxiety, grief etc.). We all need spiritual therapy. We need forgiveness and restitution. We need salvation. God in Christ rescues us in the real world beyond comic books and super heroes.

(One Minute, from Rev. Ron Rehrer, Counselor for Church Workers, ph: 949.433.5182;

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