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Anxious for Nothing

Writing in his book entitled “Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World,” Max Lucado is an insightful Christian writer, theologian and pastor who turns his attention to anxiety, which he calls “a cold wind that won’t stop howling.“

In any given year, 50 million cases of anxiety disorders are diagnosed nationwide.

It’s the #1 disorder for women and the #2 disorder for men. Lucado says of anxiety, “it is a meteor shower of ‘what if’s.”

Using a wide range of Biblical stories and Scriptural passages, Lucado paints the consequences of sin and its effects of anxiety. Like a “free floating sense of dread hovering over you,” he points his readers to the antidote for anxiety, namely, the Grace of God through Jesus Christ. Lucado urges therapy and medication to calm anxiety, but he uses many personal stories to illustrate soothing outcomes. Central to his writing is St. Paul’s own anxieties and great book of Philippians in which Paul writes “Rejoice!” in the midst of all things which shake our foundations.

While this is not a therapy book, it is a deeply spiritual book that guides the reader into the heart of God’s salvation and steadiness. It speaks of the providential presence of God in all things where we can say “it is well with my soul.” Terrorist attacks, earthquakes and twisters, loss of home or finances, pain, disease, death and all manner of anxiety may come to us.

But God will take care of us and ultimately catch us.

Philippians 4:6 “be anxious for nothing.” Pills may offer solace for emotional stress and calm the nerves. However, the deepest calm is Christ’s love and grace for this life and the life eternal.

One Minutes is offered by Pastor Ron Rehrer, Counselor for Church Workers. He may be reached by phone at 949.433.5182 or by e-mail at

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