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“Lost Connections”

For nearly 40 years psychiatrists and Big Pharma companies have been promoting pills as the cure of depression and anxiety. They have spent billions of dollars on advertising their point of view that it is brain chemistry that is the culprit for depression and other mood disorders……But this is now being challenged by social science.

In his brilliant book entitled “Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression - and the Unexpected Solutions,” author Johann Hari travels the world to discover 9 cultural causes for depression. From the halls of Harvard University, to research in Europe and China, to the stories about the end of the world in Native American Culture, to the buying and hoarding of “stuff,” the author argues powerfully for a new set of values needed to change society and families. He bursts the myth of “chemical causes” for depression. He agrees some people receive some help with pharmaceuticals. But the growing evidence is that environmental factors pose the greater threat (social factors.)

For example, disconnection from work, disconnection from people and communities (“bowling alone”), disconnection from values, disconnection from status and respect, etc. This book has tremendous implications for us as Christians. Our identity comes from our relations with God and His Son, not from how much we own and possess. Depression and anxiety thrive on false values and often lead us into false beliefs. The healthy connections we have in church and community are important for our well-being and growth, emotionally and psychologically. If you want to understand the greater landscape of depression, and its multiple causes (not chemical), this is the book to read. Highly recommended.

One Minute is written by Pastor Ron Rehrer, Counselor for District workers of the Pacific Southwest District. Ron can be reached at or by phone at 949-433-5182

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